Re-homing Your Dog or Cat AKA Courtesy Listing

Friends of the Shelter Foundation (FSF) does not accept owner surrenders into our foster programs.

HOWEVER, if you’re willing to keep the pet until FSF can find him/her a suitable home, we can offer you a Courtesy Listing.

In order to be considered for this program, you must meet the following requirements.


  1. Your pet must be spayed or neutered (puppies and kittens can be “fixed” as young as 8 weeks of age) prior to application.
    1. Two low cost clinics we recommend are
      1. Spayway located at 7129 S. Western Ave OKC – 405-414-8142
      2. SpayXperts in Moore on 4th Street – 405-217-9700
    2. FSF will not be responsible for any Veterinarian expenses and/or costs associated with, or resulting from, the procedure.
  2. Vaccines must be up to date at the time of application.
    1. FSF will not be responsible for any Veterinarian expenses or costs incurred as a result of this requirement.
  3. All pets must be kept on monthly flea/tick, and dogs properly treated with heart-worm prevention (heart-worm prevention isn’t required for cats), at your expense. FSF will not reimburse you for this cost.
  4. You must email us proof of Vet records to:
  5. We’ll need at least 3 good, clear photos of your dog or cat.  
    1. They need to show the dog’s face and full body in good lighting.
    2. Dark or blurry photos will not help him/her get adopted as a lot of people view our pets only on the website and not always at our events.
  6. Once you’ve gathered all of the above, please fill out the foster application so we’ll have your information on file. 
    1. In the question asking what type of dog you wish to foster or re-home, select the appropriate Re-Home (Adult Dog/Cat or Puppy/Kitten) option.
    2. Please, make sure to enter your pets name & description and your Veterinarians contact information.

Once approved, you can attend any of our public adoption events held monthly.  We list the events on this website and our Facebook page:

We process all applications that come in for your pet, and when we approve a family to adopt, we’ll give you their contact information. You’ll be responsible for reaching out to the potential new adopting family, and setup a meet and greet at their home (not yours).

Should they decide they want to adopt your pet, they’ll need to complete our Adoption Agreement and pay the appropriate adoption fee. A link will have already been sent to the potential adopting family with all of this information, and it’s also located on our website.

We are 100% paperless and all documents are available on the website. We accept payment via Venmo, Cash App and PayPal, with all the information located on the website.

FSF keeps the adoption fee as a donation for our efforts in placing your dog.  If your pet isn’t already micro-chipped, we’ll get that done before he/she is adopted at our expense.

Ready to get started? Fill out the Foster Application.