Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Thank you again for visiting the Friends of the Shelter Foundation (FSF) website, and for your interest in wanting to know more. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions, and other ways to help.

  1. Is Friends of the Shelter Foundation a Non-Profit?
    1. Yes, we are classified by the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit Charitable Organization.
    2. You can verify this by looking up “Friends of the Shelter Foundation” in the State of Oklahoma on the IRS website.
  2. What are the requirements for adopting pets?
    1. You must be of legal age in your state or country of residence.
    2. Be the owner of the home or property where you live or have owner, landlord, or property management approval to house a pet.
      1. We will contact those listed to confirm approval to house a pet at your residence.
    3. Be able to provide information on your current pet ownership; including Veterinarian details.
    4. If you don’t currently have pets, be able to provide pet history and your previous Veterinarian details.
    5. You’ll need two (2) personal references that you’ve known for at least 2 years, and are not relatives/family.
    6. Review the requirements for adopting a dog and/or cat:
      1. Check out our “How to Adopt a Dog” page for more information and to start the application process to adopt a dog.
      2. Check out our “How to Adopt a Cat” page for more information and start the application process to adopt a cat.
  3. What is the fee for adoptions?
    1. Our pet adoption fee is on the individual pet listing(s) and may vary by pet.
    2. As a non-profit organization, we depend on donations in the form of adoption fees to help us recover the cost of care of our pets.
  4. How do I become a foster?
    1. Check out our “Become a Foster” page for more information and to start the application process.
    2. If you’re ready to start, fill out the foster application.
  5. Can I adopt or foster a pet if I rent/lease, or don’t own the property?
    1. You’ll need to have permission from your landlord, the owner, or property manager. FSF will verify permission with your listed point of contact for your lease, or living arrangement (if you’re living with a friend or family member).
    2. Any fees/deposits is your sole responsibility, and are not reimbursed or covered by FSF.
  6. Can I adopt a pet if it’s intended as a gift?
    1. We generally prefer to adopt to persons, or families, that have provided express desire to have a pet, and can complete the adoption application and review process. If you’re not sure they’re ready, or want a pet, bring them to one of our adoption events and introduce them to our rescue. You can also have them visit our website for more information.
  7. I don’t live in the State of Oklahoma, can I still adopt a pet?
    1. Absolutely! We created the website, and social media accounts, to promote our rescue, our cause, raise awareness, and reach those who aren’t necessarily in our neighborhood. You can apply for adoption for any of our pets here on the website, just list your current address and telephone number.
    2. If you’re residing outside the United States and its Territories, see the next question for more information.
  8. I don’t live in the United States of America, and am from out of the country, can I still adopt?
    1. While we do allow out of country adoptions, it is your responsibility to understand any local laws and regulations imposed by your country of residence regarding importing and housing pets.
    2. You will be required to travel to Oklahoma to meet with the foster family, if approved, and arrange for transportation.
    3. FSF will not be responsible for any transportation, lodging, boarding, fees, fines, or quarantine requirements and any costs incurred resulting from adopting a pet from us or visiting Oklahoma and the United States. You will also be responsible for any costs transporting pets back to the Foundation, should you decide not to keep an adopted pet.
    4. You’ll also be required to submit a complete adoption application and meet our requirements for approval.
    5. See question about arranging ‘out of state transportation’ for information on transporting our pets.
    6. If you’re still not sure about adopting, and have some questions about eligibility, feel free to submit a contact request.
  9. Does FSF arrange out of state transportation of an adopted pet if we’re not in Oklahoma or the Oklahoma City metro area?
    1. We don’t directly offer transportation outside of our volunteer area. We do recommend Loving Paws Transportation LLC for dogs. They transport Dogs from Oklahoma and stop in Rhode Island every 2 weeks, weather permitting. Cost is around $200 per dog; however, they do not arrange or support the transport of cats/kittens. So, you’ll be responsible for selecting a reputable service, friend, or family member that can arrange pick up with the foster family. For more information, please reach out to them on their Facebook Page.
    2. Out of country adopters will be required to pick up pets in person (see question above).
    3. Oklahoma is a great state to visit! The Oklahoma City metro area has a major Airport: Will Rogers Airport Oklahoma City, OK. We always recommend meeting your pet, and you can always plan a road trip back home! FSF will not reimburse you for any expenses.
    4. Keep in mind that every pet relocation service provider may have different rules, fees, and costs associated.
    5. FSF will not be responsible for any costs incurred as a result of your choosing to use a third party transport, and we can’t be responsible if something goes wrong during the trip.
    6. We are also unable to verify third party providers, but will coordinate with your selected provider, friend, or family member who intends to safely transport your pet.
      1. If we feel the pet isn’t being transported in a safe or humane manner, we will not allow transfer of the pet, and will contact you to address those concerns.
      2. FSF will not allow transport of any adopted or fostered pets via cargo or freight carriers. This includes flying pets in cargo spaces/baggage check or freight shipping carriers and containers.
      3. Flights require the pet to be seated inside the cabin, with an assigned seat and ticket.
    7. You’ll coordinate directly with the foster family to arrange for pick up of the pet.
    8. If you’re not sure what services have been used in your area, try reaching out to your local shelter. If you haven’t already, check out your local rescue(s), as they’ve likely used a provider near you, or you might find a pet closer to home.
  10. What should I do if I believe there is a breed restriction where I live?
    1. We recommend you reach out to your property manager, owner, or local municipality if you believe there is a breed restriction in place.
    2. It’s important you research and follow any established rules, policies, or laws in your area. FSF will not be liable for any deposits, fees, and/or fines that may result from adopting one of our pets. Rules and laws vary by jurisdiction and FSF is not able to determine breed restrictions at your residence, unless we’re told during the application process.
  11. Can I return a pet after I’ve completed an adoption?
    1. Our Pet Agreement allows for a 14 day trial period in most cases, to see if your home is a good fit for your adopted pet and family.
    2. You may also return any pet adopted from our Foundation at any time, directly to the Foundation, per the terms of our Adoption Agreement. This is regardless of time passed since adoption.
    3. The Adoption Fee is non-refundable in all cases. In some cases, FSF may allow you to adopt another pet in the future and avoid paying another adoption fee. Reference your Adoption Agreement, or contact us if you’d like to arrange for return of any pet adopted from our foundation.
  12. Do you accept surrendered pets?
    1. As we don’t have a shelter facility, we’re unable to take in surrendered pets. The only exception are pets adopted from our Foundation.
    2. You should reach out to your local city or county shelter for information on surrendering or arranging a surrender of a pet.
  13. I believe a pet is being abused or mistreated by their owner. Can you help with seizing or rescuing the pet?
    1. In all cases, if you believe an animal is being abused or maltreated, contact your local City/County Animal Control or the Police of jurisdiction for the local area to report it.
    2. FSF is unable to investigate claims of abuse or maltreatment directly.
    3. If you know the pet was adopted from our Rescue, please use the contact us page to report the owner and contact your local city/county animal control or the Police so they can investigate your claim.
  14. Can you help me “rehome” a pet I own?
    1. We no longer offer rehome assistance for pets and are unable to take in surrendered pets.
  15. Are all available pets spayed or neutered?
    1. Yes, unless the health of the pet would not allow for the procedure.
    2. In the vast majority of cases, our pets are spayed or neutered prior to adoption or listing. There may be instances where the procedure may be scheduled after an adoption is completed, at our expense. In those rare instances, we’ll work with you to schedule the visit.
  16. Where are your available pets located?
    1. Dogs are generally housed with various foster families or volunteers. Visits are scheduled as Adoption Applications are submitted and approved. You can also visit our pets during adoption events held at various locations throughout the year. Keep an eye on our Events page on Facebook for upcoming adoption events.
    2. Cats are either housed with a foster family, or located at one of our Partner locations; such as, Petsmart in Moore, and Bone Dog Boutique in OKC.
  17. How long does it take to go through the adoption review process?
    1. The Adoption Review process varies by applicant, as each application is reviewed on a case by case basis. We’ll let you know if the pet you selected is no longer available.
    2. Our typical review period is anywhere from 3 to 5 business days, and in some select scenarios may be completed on the same day of application.
    3. Keep in mind that our rescue is all volunteer run, and there are times where application reviews may be delayed due to an event or observed holidays.
  18. I believe one of your listed pets is my lost pet. How can I reclaim my pet?
    1. Feel free to contact us directly using our contact us page to discuss your circumstance.
    2. If ownership claim can be proven, we’ll work with you to reunite you with your lost pet. In some cases, if the pet was in poor health and required medical care, we may ask for reimbursement of any Vet care provided.
    3. In all cases, our Vet checks for implanted microchip identification to attempt contact with any previously listed owner(s) before we list a pet.
      1. If you’re not sure the Microchip is up to date, you’ll need to have it updated and confirm ownership. The instructions for this are usually provided when you initially adopted your pet, or had it implanted at the provider.
  19. Why can’t I see the “Facebook Messenger” chat option on the website?
    1. This is likely due to your browsers privacy settings, ad blocking software, or any other settings which prohibit Facebook from tracking you on our website. If you’re unable to disable the setting, or aren’t sure how, reference the instructions provided by your browser or extension. You can reach out to us by going directly to our Facebook page to start a chat with us or visit our Contact page.
  20. Do you have a phone number I can call for information?
    1. Due to the number of requests we receive, we’re unable to provide a direct phone number for information. As an all volunteer organization, our foster families and volunteers are unable to answer calls as they have their own daily responsibilities (work, child care, etc).
    2. All of the information we have for the pet is listed on the website and pet listings for each pet.
    3. We recommend contacting us on Facebook Messenger for a quick response, or using our contact form for inquiries related to our pets.
    4. If you’re interested in a specific pet, please fill out the adoption application!
    5. If you’re selected for Foster or an Adoption, you’ll coordinate with the foster family or volunteer for any phone calls regarding the process or pet.

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