Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Thank you again for visiting the Friends of the Shelter Foundation (FSF) website, and for your interest in wanting to know more. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions, and other ways to help.

  1. What are the requirements for adopting pet?
    1. Check out our “How to Adopt a Dog” page for more information and to start the application process to adopt a dog.
    2. Check out our “How to Adopt a Cat” page for more information and start the application process to adopt a cat.
  2. What is the fee for adoptions?
    1. Our pet adoption fee schedule is listed in the “How to Adopt” pages, near the bottom and/or on the individual pet listing(s).
  3. How do I become a foster?
    1. Check out our “Become a Foster” page for more information and to start the application process.
    2. Cats are housed at Pawtopia in Norman, OK and Bone Dog Boutique. However, we always have a need for cat friendly homes!
  4. Can I adopt if I’m a renter, or don’t own the property?
    1. You’ll need to have permission from your landlord, the owner, or property manager. FSF will verify permission with your listed point of contact for your lease, or living arrangement (if you’re living with a friend or family member).
  5. Can I adopt a pet if it’s intended as a gift?
    1. We generally prefer to adopt to persons, or families, that have provided express desire to have a pet, and can complete the adoption application and review process. If you’re not sure they’re ready or want a pet, bring them to one of our adoption events, and introduce them to our rescue.
  6. I don’t live in Oklahoma, can I still adopt a pet?
    1. Absolutely! We created the website, and social media accounts, to promote our rescue, our cause, raise awareness, and reach those who aren’t necessarily in our neighborhood.
  7. Does FSF arrange out of state transportation of an adopted pet if we’re not in Oklahoma or the Oklahoma City metro area?
    1. Unfortunately, we no longer have a preferred partner or offer transportation assistance outside of our volunteer area. So, you’ll be responsible for selecting a reputable service, friend, or family member that can arrange pick up with the foster family.
    2. Oklahoma is a great state to visit! The Oklahoma City metro area has a major Airport: Will Rogers Airport Oklahoma City, OK. We always recommend meeting your pet, and you can always plan a road trip back home! FSF will not reimburse you for any expenses.
    3. Keep in mind that every pet relocation service provider may have different rules, fees, and costs associated. FSF will not be responsible for any costs incurred as a result of your choosing to use a third party transport, and we can’t be responsible if something goes wrong during the trip. We are also unable to verify third party providers, but will coordinate with your selected provider, friend, or family member who intends to safely transport your pet. If we feel the pet isn’t being transported in a safe or humane manner, we will not allow transfer of the pet, and will contact you to address those concerns. You’ll coordinate directly with the foster family to arrange for pick up of the pet. If you’re not sure what services have been used in your area, try reaching out to your local shelter. If you haven’t already, check out your local rescue(s), as they’ve likely used a provider near you, or you might find a pet closer to home.
  8. What might disqualify me from adopting or fostering a pet?
    1. If you don’t meet the requirements to adopt or foster a pet, aren’t allowed to have a pet at your residence, or we discover something that would disqualify you during the verification process; such as, landlords not providing approval.
  9. Will FSF help me with my pet deposits or fees to adopt or foster a pet?
    1. FSF will not be responsible for any costs incurred or pet deposits required to have a pet at your residence.
    2. FSF will need to have gained permission from your landlord prior to FSF contacting them.
  10. Do I need to have a fenced yard to adopt or foster a pet?
    1. Not always; this depends on the pet and the residence. We recognize that not every home will have a fenced yard, as some of our families are on farms or live in apartments/condos. We’ll just need to ensure that your pet has a safe home, is on leash in areas required, and will be actively monitored when off leash in a safe environment.
  11. Will FSF reach out to my landlord/property manager and Veterinarian?
    1. Yes, FSF may contact the listed points of contacts to verify permission and ability to care for a pet.
    2. If we have any concerns, we’ll share them with you during the review process or with the decision.
  12. What can I donate, or how do I send donations to FSF?
    1. Thank you for wanting to donate to us! Visit our Donations page for more information, and thank you again for wanting to help.
  13. What are Volunteers often asked to do?
    1. Thank you for considering to be a volunteer with our organization! We have a variety of events, vet appointments, and various needs from time to time. You’ll be asked to help with setups, tear downs or clean up at events, taking care of a pet, picking up or dropping off donated items, and sometimes helping with the adoption or foster process. We also have volunteer gatherings, where we’ll share any news and give you an opportunity to visit with our great volunteers!
  14. Do you take surrendered pets?
    1. Unfortunately, FSF doesn’t accept transfer of surrendered pets, however, we do offer courtesy listing on our website and the ability to present your pet at any of our adoption events. For more information, visit our Re-home page, and fill out the foster application if you’d like to be considered.
    2. If you’re in urgent need, we ask that you surrender your pet to your local city/county shelter, or ask a family member or friend to care for the pet.
  15. Why can’t I see the Facebook Chat button, Events, or Facebook Feed Page on the website?
    1. This is likely due to your browser, and any “Ad” or “Facebook” containers that block Facebook from tracking or displaying Facebook elements on external pages. Please disable these plug-ins, or whitelist our site, to regain visibility. You can also visit our Facebook page directly to view the events calendar and any Facebook posts.
  16. What should I do, if I need to return a pet I adopted from Friends of the Shelter Foundation?
    1. We’re sorry to hear that you’d like to return a pet. Please reach out to us by email, or use our contact page to reach out to us.

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